COLLITAX-cameroun SARL is a major operator in road transport and logistics at the national level and in the CEMAC sub-region.

COLLITAX-Cameroon SARL takes charge of all packages, from the smallest package to the pallet, including containers of all sizes, as well as gaseous, liquid and various products; this as soon as possible, conditions and costs.

COLLITAX-Cameroon SARL from its head office located at the main street of NJIBOT 1 Behind the butcher’s shop of FOUMBOT BP 35, from its agency in douala located at street n ° 3478 avenue du général Degaulle in Bonapriso and possibly in ydé … only mention those who are inside the territory, has a team on a human scale, dedicated and experienced staff, drivers with professionalism certified by semi-annual refresher training, are ready to take the road quickly to ensure daily and or weekly deliveries respectively throughout the national territory and / or outside, of a fleet of nearly 60 vehicles (vans, tractors, flatbed trailers, tanks, … ) different depending on the quality of the service to be provided. This in order to offer our national and sub-regional customers a Key to Hand service offer; for 100℅ of confidence, security and time savings.
Don’t we say that “time is money”?

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Jean Georges Mouliom



Lawyer advisor

Moundam Ndapeyeune Armand

Operations Director