The van trailer or containerized trailer is an increasingly popular type of means of transporting goods. Its solicitation by carriers nowadays represents 90% of the world traffic of goods. This type of means of transport has the advantage of allowing the transport of large quantities of goods at a relatively low cost.

The benefits of this means of transport are several:
• Safe;
• Economic;
• Suitable for all types of goods.
If you have a good grasp of the characteristics of transport in a box trailer or containerized trailer, it will in many cases allow you to earn money, and at least not to lose it.

Security of Goods

Unlike other types of means of transporting goods, the van or containerized trailer guarantees safety thanks to its large metal trunk.
It protects goods from climatic disturbances and thanks to the short time allowed for the break in load (it is, in the field of transport, a period during which goods are transferred from one mode of transport to another), it allows to avoid:
• Flights
• Breakage
• The loss

Lower transport costs

The other advantage of transporting in a box trailer or containerized trailer is that it costs less.

  • On the one hand thanks to the short handling time it requires
  • On the other hand because it is safer than other modes of transport.

Consequently, the costs associated with taking out insurance is less important!
It is always necessary to compare the costs of different transport solutions before making your choice. Price differences can be very high and can have a big impact on your bottom line.
Many concepts are thus necessary for anyone wishing to do import-export operations.
Entrust your goods to COLLITAX Cameroon who will always look for ways to optimize your shipments, and cover the transactions carried out on your behalf by an insurance policy.